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A-720 Available
Knockout punch Various
B-4598 Available
Knockout punch set 1 1/4 inches, 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch
Greenlee, No. 735
B-4558 Available
DC voltage supply Adjustable output 30 volts, 5 amps
SKY Toppower, STP3005
B-4516 Checked Out
Extension cord 100 feet 16 gauge
B-4514 Overdue
Extension cord 50 feet 16 gauge
B-4418 Overdue 1 hold
Soldering iron 60 watts, 60 hertz
Lonove, 926led v3
B-4408 Available
Voltage detector and sensor 50-600 VAC
Gardner Bender, GVD-3504
B-4369 Available
Oscilloscope 17 × 10 × 15 inches
Siglent, SDS1202X-E
B-4353 Available
Extension cord 50 feet 14 gauge
B-4328 Available
Soldering iron 25 watts, 120V, 60Hz
RadioShack, E69348
B-4326 Available
Automatic wire stripper for wire 0.2mm to 6 mm
Automatic Wire Stripper Type B
B-4309 Available
Cable cutter 7.5 inches
Southwire, Roto-split
B-4279 Available
Fish tape (100 feet) 100 feet
B-4211 Overdue
Extension cord 50feet
B-4210 Available
Extension cord 25 feet
B-4209 Available
Extension cord 20 feet
B-4200 Available
Fish tape (50 feet) 50 feet
Ideal, 31-187
B-4170 Overdue
Extension cord 50 feet 14 gauge
B-4141 Available
Battery charger 6 volts, 12 volts, 10 amps
Schumacher, SC1303
B-4136 Available
Soldering gun up to 900 degrees
Weller, 8200