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B-4866 Available
Nut driver bit set 1/4 inch shank, metric & sae
Black & Decker, 71-080
B-4825 Available
Sledge hammer 34 inches 16 pounds
B-4772 Available
Crow's foot wrench set 1-3/8 - 2 inches
B-4769 Available
Socket set Imperial and metric
B-4762 Available
Sledge hammer 34 inches 8 pounds
Truper, 8 lb
B-4746 Available
Drill bit set 1/16 to 1/2 inch
Black&Decker, N532702
B-4724 Available
Cable cutter 7.5 inches
Greenlee, Flex- Splitter 1940
B-4715 Available
Spark plug socket 5/8 inch 3/8 inch drive
B-4714 Available
Spark plug socket 13/16 inch 3/8 inch drive
Fleet, 1327
B-4713 Available
Spark plug socket 3/4 inch
B-4712 Checked Out
Spark plug socket 5/8 inch
B-4711 Available
Spark plug socket 13/16 inch
B-4710 Available
Spark plug socket 18 mm
B-4709 Available
Spark plug socket 14 mm
B-4696 Available
Folding multitool 7 functions
B-4687 Available
Torque wrench 1/4 inch square drive 40-200 inch-pounds
Husky, 625319
B-4681 Available
Installer drill bit 7/16 inch x 18 inch long
Irwin, Installer drill bit
B-4675 Available
Auto hammer 9 inches 12V
Craftsman, 320.61325
B-4674 Available
Electric chain saw sharpener 4.5 inch diameter blade, 1/8 inch wide
Harbor Freight
B-4665 Available
Spline rolling tool 8.5 inches