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B-3385 Available
Wire brush
B-3369 Available
Mini cut-off saw 2 inch blade 90 watts
Harbor Freight, 42307
B-3091 Available
Wire brush 13 inches Stainless steel bristles
B-3080 Available
Sheet metal clamp 3 inches
Peterson, Vise-Grip
B-3006 Available
Pipe cutter
Empire, 2831
B-2908 Overdue
Power Shear 14 Ga sheet metal 20 Ga stainless
Wen, 3650
B-2885 Available
Wire brush 2 x 7 inches Stainless steel
B-2844 Available
Beading loop tool 3.0 mm loop
Beadsmith, 1-Step Looper BIG
B-2791 Available
Universal Shears 1.75 inch jaw
Pittsburgh, 66592
B-2783 Available
Universal Shears 1.75 inch jaw
Vigor, SH - 930
B-2606 Available
Tube brush 2”
Mill-ROSE, 61620
B-2604 Available
Left cut snips
Wiss, 4569132
B-2602 Available
Wire brush 9.5 inches
A-698 Available
Small wire brush
B-2585 Available
Pipe cutter 1/8in to 1 1/8in O.D.
B-2583 Available
Cut-off saw
Hitachi, cC14sf(s)
B-2540 Available
Pipe cutter 5/8 inch to 2 1/8inch O.D.
BrassCraft, BC T005
B-2469 Available
Snips 10"
B-2426 Available
Wire brush 10 inches
B-2302 Available
Slag hammer