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B-2323 Available
2 piece nut splitter 5/16”-5/8”, 5/8”-7/8”
B-2585 Available
Pipe cutter 1/8in to 1 1/8in O.D.
B-1932 Available
Pipe cutter 1 1/8 inches
B-1933 Available
Pipe cutter 1 inch
Gould, 274-fc
B-1012 Available
Punch and flange tool 3/16 inch punch, 7/8 inch crimp 16 gallon capacity
Central Pneumatic, 41696
A-1498 Available
Round nose pliers
B-2302 Available
Slag hammer
B-1383 Available
Tube cutter 6-38 millimeters
B-2189 Available
Welding magnet
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