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B-4967 Available
Masonry brush 7 by 1 inches
B-4966 Available
Masonry brush 6 by 1 inches
B-4965 Available
Coating brush 6 by 2 inches
Sears, Masonry Brush 12619
B-4949 Checked Out
Concrete finishing brush 12 inches long
600 Ridge
B-4948 Available
Hand held bullfloat 30 by 2.5 inches
B-4947 Available
Masonry brush
B-4917 Overdue
Rubber mallet 32 oz
B-4916 Overdue 1 hold
Rubber mallet 13 inches long 16 ounces
B-4865 Available
Flooring installation kit 12 inch pull bar, 8 inch block
WORKPRO, Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Kit
B-4835 Available
Grout float 10 x 4 inch
QEP, 10069
B-4824 Overdue 1 hold
Tile saw 7 inch blade 120V, 60Hz, 4.6A, 3500/ min
GB, CTC550
B-4811 Available
Notched trowel 3/16 inch x 5/32 inch V notch
QEP, 10115
B-4808 Overdue
Tile cutter 20 inches
B-4759 Available
Paint mixer 16 inches
QEP, 61210
B-4758 Overdue
Finishing trowel 14 inch x 4 inch
Goldblatt, G06222
B-4757 Overdue
Finishing trowel 16 inch x 4-1/2 inch
Goldblatt, G06946
B-4700 Overdue
Tile & glass cutter 8 inches
The Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter
B-4671 Available
Diamond grit hole saw for Angle Grinders 1-3/8 inch
QEP, wetDRY Diamond Hole Saw for Grinders
B-4547 Checked Out
Margin trowel 2 inch x 5 inches
Task force, 36118
B-4522 Available
Rubber float