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B-4269 Checked Out
Tile leveling pliers and wedges
QEP, LASH system (‎99757)
B-4263 Checked Out
Paint mixer 30 inches
B-4256 Available
Linoleum knife 7.5 inches
B-4101 Checked Out 1 hold
Tile saw 7 inch blade 6.5 amps
Ridgid, R40211
B-4098 Available
Concrete countertop finishing tools 11 inch
B-4071 Available
Hardwood flooring nailer
QEP, Porta-Nailer Hammerhead 401
B-4069 Available
Tile/ glass cutter 9 inches
EZ cut, ez cut everything
B-4066 Available
Grout float 9 x 4 inch
B-4033 Available
Notched trowel 1/4 x 1/4 inch square notch
wooden handle
B-4032 Available
Notched trowel 1/4 x 1/4 inch square notch
QEP, 10113
B-3989 Available
Rubber mallet 16 ounce
B-3982 Available
Flooring roller 7.5 inch wide x 1.3 inch diameter roller Handle extension to 27 inch
Beno J Gundlach Co, 333-AR
B-3981 Available
Flooring roller 3 inch wide x 1.5 inch diameter roller
Beno J Gundlach Co, J200B
B-3918 Available
Tile trowel 1/4 inch x 3/16 inch V notch
B-3917 Overdue
Notched trowel 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch square notch
B-3899 Available
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3898 Checked Out
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3897 Overdue
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3896 Available
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3861 Available
Circular saw 7 1/4 inch blade 12 amp
Skilsaw, No. 77