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B-3602 Available
Hand drill 1/2 chuck
B-3601 Available
Knee pads Variable size straps
B-3597 Available
Spline rolling tool
B-3595 Available
Plumb bob 12 ounces
B-3590 Available
Keyhole saw 6 inch
B-3584 Available
Drop cloth 6 x 9 feet
B-3579 Available
Pull saw 12 inches
Takagi Tools Inc, Shark Saw
B-3578 Available
3-hole punch
B-3577 Available
Hole saw - 2 3/4 inches 2 3/4 inches, 70 millimeters
B-3576 Available
Extension cord (3 outlet) 50 feet 14 gauge
B-3575 Available
Folding multitool 7 functions
B-3574 Available
Folding multitool 7 functions
B-3567 Available
Pin nail gun fastener: 1/2 inch - 1 inch length, 23 gauge 1.2 millimeters 60-100 psi
ToolShop, H625
B-3566 Available
Detail sander 10 inches
Black & Decker, BDEMS600
B-3563 Overdue
Corded drill 3/8 inch 120V
Black&Decker, DR260
B-3562 Available
Hammer drill 1/2 inch chuck 120V
Ryobi, D620H
B-3560 Available
Small vise 3 inch jaw width 3 1/8 inch throat depth
B-3559 Available
Flattening stone 170mm x 55mm x 30mm 6 11/16 inches x 2 3/16 inches x 1 1/8 inches particle size 220
Naniwa, A-102
B-3558 Available
Headlamp Adjustable headband 350 lumens
Black Diamond, Spot 350
B-3557 Available
Dremel Accessory Kit
Dremel, 713-01