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B-3940 Checked Out
Electric pole saw
Ryobi, RY43160
B-3934 Checked Out
String trimmer 13 inch cut diameter 4 amps
Homelite, UT41110
B-3933 Available
Shovel 54 inches
B-3926 On Hold 2 holds
Rotary cultivator 48 inches 6 tines
Garden Weasel
B-3921 Checked Out 7 holds
Power washer 1600 psi / 1.5 gallons per minute
AR, Blue Clean 112
B-3908 Checked Out
Mortar hoe 62 inches long
B-3907 Overdue 1 hold
Reel mower 18 inches
American Lawn Mower Co.
B-3889 In Maintenance
Reel mower 18 inches
American Lawn Mower Co.
B-3884 On Hold 1 hold
Blade weed cutter 14 inch blade
B-3859 On Hold 11 holds
Power washer (gas powered) 2200 psi / 2.0 gallons per minute
Power Stroke, PS80519
B-3843 Checked Out 2 holds
Cordless string trimmer 10 inch cut diameter 18 volt
Ryobi, P2003VNM
B-3841 Available
Wheelbarrow 4 cubic feet
True Temper
B-3840 Available
String trimmer 10 inch cut diameter 2.8 amps
Black and Decker, 505B
B-3837 On Hold 5 holds
Electric rototiller 16 inch width, 8 inch working depth 13.5 amps
Earthwise, TC70016
B-3833 Available
Reciprocating saw 18 volt
Black and Decker, Fire Storm
B-3829 On Hold 1 hold
Bully Tools
B-3821 Available
Digging fork
B-3820 Available
Seed spreader
Scotts, SpeedyGreen 2000
B-3819 Available
Seed spreader
Scotts, Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini
B-3817 Available
Garden rake