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B-2353 Available
Honey seperator
The A.I Root Company
B-2352 Available
5 Gallon Honey Bucket
Miller Manufacturing
B-2325 Available
Pruning shears
Black & Decker
B-2324 Available
Pruning shears
B-2308 Available
Garden stirrup hoe
B-2242 Available
Pruning shears
B-2186 Available
Pole saw
True Value, 501 577
B-2174 Available
Floor scraper
B-2173 Checked Out
Floor scraper
B-2154 Available
Worx, WG307
B-2153 Available
Worx, WG307
B-2113 Available
Square point shovel
B-2108 Available
Post hole digger
C-2102 In Maintenance
Moonie Varies seasonally Mighty
Canis, German shepherd and basset hound
B-2099 Available
Liquid sprayer 1.5 gallons
Ace Hardware, 71967
B-2097 On Hold
Power washer 2000 psi
Ryobi, RY141900
B-2052 Available
Extension pole kit 17 feet
Jimmy's, Big Reach
B-2043 Available
Gas lawn mower
Craftsman, 917.3853
B-2031 Available
Garden hose 50 feet Heavy duty
B-2008 Available
Electric blower 8 amps, 440 CFM
Ryobi, RY42102