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B-4150 Available
Door lock installation kit (metal/wood)
Ryobi, A99DLK2
B-4056 Checked Out
Dovetail jig kit 1/2 inch dovetail router bit
General, Dovetailer II
B-4044 Available
Mortise and Tenon jig kit 1/4" high-speed up-cut spiral bit, bushing guides for 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" tenons
B-3990 Available
Circle cutting router jig 7 to 53 inch diameter circles Fits most routers
Jasper, No. 300
B-3872 Checked Out
Cabinet hardware jig 16 inch width and 9.5 inch height
King & Charles
B-3860 Available
Face frame cabinetry clamp set 4 inch clamping capacity, 1.25 inch throat depth 300 - 600 pounds clamping force
Bessey, BES8511
B-3734 Available
Marking gauge 6 inches Single marking point
B-3678 Available
Auto feed screw driver 40 inches long
ITW Paslode, SG 200
B-3664 Available
Concealed cabinet hinge drilling jig 36 inch max distance between holes 1 3/8 inch diameter forstner
Rockler, BDL53420
B-3448 Available
Pocket-hole jig
Kreg, K4
B-3055 Available
Door hinge installation kit
Ryobi, A99HT1
B-3029 Available
Dowel jig kit 1/4, 3/8, 5/16 inch dowels
Black & Decker
B-2909 Available
Dowel jig kit 1/4, 3/8, 5/16 inch dowels
Milescraft, 1309
B-2894 Available
Dovetail template creates 1/2 or 1/4 inch dovetails
Porter Cable, 5008
B-2642 Available
Biscuit joiner 6 amps
Ryobi, JM82GK
B-2580 Available
Rockler taper/straight line jig
B-2553 Available
Loose tenon joinery jig
beadLOCK, Loose Tenon Joinery System
B-2481 Available
Plate edge joiner kit
Craftsman, Bis-Kit System Plate/Edge Joiner Kit, 171.25423
B-2278 Available
Dowel jig
Wolfcraft, 4646