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B-4303 Available
Marking gauge 6 inches Single marking point
Stanley, no. 61
B-4302 Available
Paint sprayer 200V, 50hz
B-4301 Available
Roof cargo bag 16 cubic feet
Packright, 1402U008
B-4300 On Hold 1 hold
Bow foam cutter 18 x 11 inch cutting area
B-4299 Available
Miter gauge and fence 3/4 x 3/8 inch miter bar 18 inch fence
Penn state industries, HVT9459
B-4298 Available
Dovetail saw
Irwin, 10" ProToucha Dovetail/Jamb Saw
B-4297 Available
Jig saw
Craftsman, 315-172280
B-4296 Available
Orbital jig saw 120V
Ryobi, JS481L
B-4295 Available
Orbital jig saw 120V
Ryobi, JS651L1D
B-4294 Available
Corded drill 1/2 inch chuck 6.7 amps
DeWalt, DW511
B-4293 Available
Reciprocating saw 7.5 amps
Skil, 9206
B-4292 Available
Collapsible water container 5.3 gallons/20 liters
Water Storage, Cube
B-4291 Available
Finish sander 120V
ToolShop, 241-9796
B-4290 Available
Headlamp Adjustable headband 435 lumens
B-4289 Available
Jig saw 120V, 3.7A
Makita, 4323
B-4288 Checked Out
Wheelbarrow 4 cubic feet
True Temper
B-4287 Checked Out
Belt sander 3 x 21 inch belt 7.8 amps
Ryobi, BE318-2
B-4286 Available
Car ramps 10 inches wide x 36 inches deep 8,000 pound weight capacity
Davric, Magnum 8
B-4285 Available
Plunge router 1/2" shank bit 115V/11A , 12000-22000 rpm
Bosch, 1613EVSA
B-4284 Available
Boom arm and shock mount
Rode, PSA1