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B-3639 Available
Rolling scaffold 6 feet 1000 pound capacity
Keller, KSRS-72
B-3638 Available
Shop-vac 4 gallon 9 amps/ 5.0 horsepower
Ridgid, WD40700
B-3637 In Maintenance
Mop bucket with wringer and mop 26 quart
Rubbermaid, WaveBrake
B-3636 Available
Folding table 2 feet deep, 4 feet long, up to 36 inches tall
Lifetime, 80160
B-3635 Available
Drywall stilts 5 heights from 24-40 inches 225 pound max
B-3634 Available
Portable air compressor w/ air hose 6 gallon, 150 psi 2.6 cfm @ 90 psi
Porter Cable
B-3633 Available
Folding accessibility ramp Max rise: 10 inches over 5 feet 300lbs per axle up to 600lbs max
Prairie View Industries, WCR530
B-3632 Available
Folding table 2 feet deep, 4 feet long, 29 inches tall
B-3631 Available
Drywall panel lifter 11.5 feet max lift 150 pound max
Mud Boss
B-3630 Checked Out
Adjustable dress form Dress sizes 10-18
Singer, DF251
B-3629 Available
Two bowl ice cream maker
B-3628 Available
Hatchet 13 inches
Best Made Co
B-3627 Available
Retaining ring plier kit Tip diameter: 0.045-0.060 inch Bore diameter: 3/8-1 inch
Westward, 4YP48
B-3626 Available
Energy usage power meter Max voltage: 125V Max current: 15A
Intertek, P4460
B-3624 Available
Ratchet strap 1 inch width / 14 feet long
B-3623 Available
Hawk 12.5 inches
B-3622 Available
Face shield Adjustable headband WP 96 polycarbonate
3M, Z87+U6
B-3621 Checked Out
Laser distance meter
B-3620 Available
Compact circular saw 4.5 inch blade, 2 inch cut depth 4 amps
Worx, WX429L
B-3619 Available
Crowbar 24 inches