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B-1441 Available
Bolt cutter 24”
Anvil, 364-681
B-1802 Available
Bow saw
B-1803 Available
Bow saw
A-101 Available
Box Cutter
B-1173 Available
Box fan
B-1172 Available
Box fan
B-1772 Available
Bread machine
Rosewill, R-BM-01
B-1797 Available
Bread machine
Panasonic, SD-YD150
B-1568 Available
Bricklayers hammer 24 oz.
B-1564 Available
Brick trowel 11.5"
Marshalltown, 33-11-1/2
B-1060 Available
Broadcast Seed/Fertilizer Spreafer
Scotts, Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini
B-1794 Available
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380
B-1786 Available
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380
B-1073 Checked Out
Craftsman, 315.10670
A-173 Available
Builder’s chisels
B-1405 Available
Bundt pan
B-1700 Available
Bypass Pruner
B-1120 Available
Calipers 5"
B-1156 Available
Camera lens 28-200 mm
Nikon, AF Nikkor 28-200 mm
B-1155 Available
Camera lens filter 52 mm
Tiffen, FL-D
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