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Hand Saws

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B-3590 Available
Keyhole saw 6 inch
B-3579 Available
Pull saw 12 inches
Takagi Tools Inc, Shark Saw
B-3082 Available
Coping saw 7 inches
B-3077 Available
Flush cut pull saw 4.5 inch 23 TPI
Stanley, FATMAX 20-331
A-713 Available
Miter box 12 inches, 16 inches
Duvall, No 116
B-2881 Available
Keyhole saw 6 inch
Red Devil, 1-8137
B-2835 Available
Keyhole saw 6 inch
Illinois Industrial Tool, 56170
B-2635 Available
Miter box
B-2624 Available
Keyhole saw
Millers Falls, No. 625
B-2536 Available
Hand saw 10 inches
B-2491 Available
Ikedame small dovetail saw 6 inch blade length
B-2455 Available
Hand saw 20” Hand powered
Stanley, 5-355
B-2391 Available
Hand miter saw 14” wide
B-2337 Available
Coping saw 7"
B-2336 Available
Coping saw 7"
B-2284 Available
Miter back saw 14 inches
B-2283 Available
Miter back saw 13.5 inches
B-2282 Available
Miter back saw 12 inches
B-2281 Available
Miter back saw 14 inches
B-2280 Available
Keyhole saw