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B-4284 Available
Boom arm and shock mount
Rode, PSA1
B-4283 Available
USB microphone
Blue, Yeti
B-4282 Available
VCR 120 AC Volts, 60hz
Toshiba, W-522
B-4267 Checked Out
USB microphone
Shure, MV5
B-4143 Overdue
Wireless karaoke mic 1.1 pounds
Bonaok, Q88
B-4140 Available
B-4097 Available
Projector screen 65-80 inches diagonally
Epson, Accolade Duet
B-4096 Available
Projector screen 77 inches diagonally
B-4083 Overdue 1 hold
Digital camera with zoom lens
Canon, EOS Rebel T2i
B-4082 Overdue
Camera lens 55-250mm, 50mm
B-4061 Overdue
Cell phone camera lens
B-4060 Available
Slide viewer 8 x 8 inches screen 5X, 8X, 24X magnification
The Sharper Image
B-3932 Available
MicroSD card (32 GB) 32 gigabytes
B-3931 Overdue
MicroSD card (128 GB) 128 gigabytes
B-3816 Overdue
Tripod Maximum height 59.8 Inches Standard mount
Velbon, DF 50
B-3815 On Hold 1 hold
Bluetooth speaker 16 x 15 x 11 inches 22 watt speaker
ION Audio, Block Rocker Bluetooth
B-3813 Overdue
Digital camera with zoom lens 18-55 millimeter lens
Nikon, D3100
B-3811 Available
USB webcam 720p video
Cybertrack, H3
B-3810 Available
USB webcam 720p video
Logitech, C270
B-3808 In Maintenance
Guitar amp 8 inch speaker 15 watt solid state
Fender, Frontman 15G