Slide viewer

B-4060 In Maintenance

    • area Camera equipment
  • 8 x 8 inches screen
  • 5X, 8X, 24X magnification
  • Electric (Corded)
  • The Sharper Image
Lights and enlarges film negatives and slides. View images at 3 magnification settings: 5X, 8X, and 24X

Includes the following accessories:
  • Slide editing rack. Attaches directly over viewing screen and can fit 16 slides
  • Clear Mylar overlay sheet
  • Cropping mask. Proportionate to 8 x 10 inch print format
  • Vinyl dust cover

Please note that during transportation, bulb may shift giving blue light on the screen. To correct, re-seat bulb carefully using a tissue or soft cloth. Do not touch bulb surface. Do not attempt when light is on or hot.