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B-2651 Available
8-in-1 wheelbarrow and garden cart
Worx, WG050
B-2601 Available
Appliance Dolly 800 pound weight capacity
B-2562 Checked Out
Collapsible folding frame wagon 21 x 30 x 8 inches 125 pound maximum capacity
MacWagon, WTC-145
B-2557 Available
Hand cart 51 inches tall
B-1965 Checked Out
Hand cart 42 inches tall
B-1709 In Maintenance
Hand truck and dolly 300 pounds working load
Cosco, 12222PBG1E
B-1612 Checked Out
Home trolley moving kit
B-1492 Checked Out
Adjustable dolly
B-1386 Available
Hardwood dolly 1000 pound capacity
B-1384 Checked Out
Hand truck 300 pounds working load
Milwaukee, 42152
B-1171 Checked Out
Hardwood dolly 30 inches x 18 inches 1000 pound capacity