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B-3011 Available
Oyster knife 2 3/4 inches
B-2950 On Hold
Induction cooktop 1800 watt
Duxtop, BT-180G3
B-2874 Available
Pasta machine
Marcato, Ampia 150
B-2867 Checked Out
3-level sprouting kit 8 inches x 8inches x 4 inches
Biosta, Sprouter kit
B-2855 Checked Out
Self freezing ice cream maker 1.5 quarts
Whytner, ICM-15LS
B-2813 Available
Bread machine
Betty Crocker, BC-1692
B-2786 In Maintenance
Micro torch 6.1” Height x 3’ width 2500 degrees
Master Appliance, MT-51
B-2748 Checked Out
Belgian waffle maker 7 inch diameter waffle
Cuisinart, FWM-20
B-2747 Available
Ice cream maker 2 quarts
Cuisinart, Pure Indulgence CIM-60SA
B-2712 Available
Three Crock Buffet Slow Cooker 3 1.5 quart crocks
B-2682 Available
Stand mixer 5 quarts 325 watts
Kitchenaid, KSM150PSOB
B-2676 Available
Canner and pressure cooker 22 quarts, 20.8 liters 5, 10, or 15 PSI
T-fal, P31052
B-2669 Available
Canning Set 6 Piece
B-2652 Available
Tamale and seafood steamer 12 quarts
B-2647 Checked Out
Infrared Thermometer
Etekcity, Laser grip 1080
B-2640 Available
V-Blade Mandoline .75mm-7mm
Zyliss, Easy Slice Mandoline
B-2613 On Hold
Stand mixer 6 quarts 590 watts
Kitchenaid, KP26M9PCBM
A-697 Available
Cake turntable 12 inches
Wilton, 307-6715
B-2579 Available
Kitchenaid ceramic bowl 5 quarts
Kitchenaid, White Mermaid Lace Ceramic Bowl
B-2561 Available
KitchenAid dough hook