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A-711 Available
Paint roller 3 inches
B-2850 Checked Out
Brush and tool holder
Wooster, F6330
B-2845 Available
Coating brush 6 inches
Wooster, Masonry Coater
B-2834 Checked Out
Paint brush and roller cleaner
Warner, #269
B-2803 On Hold
Drop cloth 3 x 9 feet
B-2802 On Hold
Drop cloth 3 x 9 feet
B-2801 Available
Drop cloth 3 x 9 feet
B-2800 Checked Out
Drop cloth 3 x 9 feet
B-2799 Available
Drop cloth 6 x 9 feet
B-2794 Available
Oscillating multi-tool
Fein, FMM 250Q TOP
B-2789 On Hold
Paint shield 24in
Hyde, 45810
B-2787 Available
Extendable paint pole 48 inch - 108 inch
Shur-Line, 784332
B-2777 On Hold
Raised platform 49 cm (20 inches) tall, 100 cm (40 inches) wide, 30 cm (12 inches) deep 150 kg weight limit
Leifheit, 73300
B-2776 Checked Out
Paint shield 24in
Hyde, 45810
B-2742 Available
Extension pole 6 feet
B-2673 In Maintenance
Infrared paint remover 1000 watts
SpotHeater, SH 1000
B-2667 Available
Paint scraper
B-2666 Available
Paint scraper
B-2665 Available
Paint scraper
B-2664 Available
Paint scraper