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B-3584 Available
Drop cloth 6 x 9 feet
B-3493 Available
Heat gun 1500 watts 12.5 amps
B-3447 Available
Pallette knife set
B-3443 Overdue
Marking wand 34 inches
B-3230 Available
Paint mixer 16”
B-3101 Available
Paint roller 4 inches
B-3037 Available
Extension pole 2-4 feet
B-3035 Available
Extension pole 54 inches
B-3033 Available
Extension pole 94 inches
B-3032 Available
Extension pole 6-12 feet
B-3031 Available
Extension pole 6-18 feet
Mr. Long Arm
B-2938 Available
Heat gun 1400 watts 11.8 amps
Bosch, 3268
B-2922 Available
Caulk finisher Various shapes Plastic
B-2920 Available
Painter's pyramids set 2 inches tall
Hyde, 43510
B-2905 In Maintenance
Paint sprayer
Wagner, Control Stainer 350
B-2891 Available
Caulk finisher Rubber
B-2887 In Maintenance
Air compressor 4 gallon 150psi MAX
B-2885 Available
Wire brush 2 x 7 inches Stainless steel
B-2876 Available
Paint scraper 2.5 inch blade
A-711 Available
Paint roller 3 inches