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Drywall Tools

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B-3568 Available
Taping knife 12 inches
Wal Board, 019-003
B-3462 Available
Large T-square 48 inches
Johnson, JTS48
B-3229 Available
Hawk 12.5 inches
B-2863 Available
Mud mixer 24 inches
B-2862 Available
Mud mixer 31 inches
B-2861 Available
Mud mixer 24 inches
B-2612 Overdue
Mortar Mixer
B-2443 Available
Taping knife 8 inch
B-2332 Available
Drywall screw gun
DeWalt, DW252
B-2205 Available
Hawk 12.5 inches
B-1724 Available
Scraper 6.5 inches
A-176 Available
Putty knife
B-1563 Available
Taping knife 10 inches
Warner, No. 213
B-1422 Available
Surform rasp
B-1272 In Maintenance
Mud mixer 31 inches
Mud Boss
A-141 Available
Plastic taping knife
B-1146 Available
Taping knife 10 inches