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B-3598 Available
Woodcarving tool kit Various chisel profiles
B-3597 Available
Spline rolling tool
B-3596 Available
Grout rake
Troxell, No. 20-GS25
B-3595 Available
Plumb bob 12 ounces
B-3594 Available
Oil filter wrench 74/76mm, 15 flutes 3/8 inch drive
Performance Tool, W54105
B-3593 Available
Rubbing brick 3.75 x 1.75 inch Coarse grit
B-3592 Available
Rubbing brick 6 inch 20-60 grit
B-3591 Available
Detail carver Variable chisel bits Two speed (10,400 and 12,500 spm)
Ryobi, DC500
B-3590 Available
Keyhole saw 6 inch
B-3589 Available
Camping chair 225 pound capacity
B-3588 Available
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3587 Available
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3586 Available
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3585 Available
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-3584 Checked Out
Drop cloth 6 x 9 feet
B-3583 Available
String trimmer and edger 12 inch cut diameter 6.5 amps
Black and Decker, BESTA512
B-3582 Available
Floor finish applicator (pole mounted) 48 inch handle 9 inch wide pad
B-3581 Available
Edger and trencher 5300 RPM 9 amps / 1.5 horsepower
Black and Decker, 8235
B-3580 Available
Floor scrub brush 60 inch handle
Sparta, 38Hi-Lo
B-3579 Available
Pull saw 12 inches
Takagi Tools Inc, Shark Saw