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B-2007 In Maintenance
Electric pole saw 18 volts
Black & Decker, NPP2018
B-2006 Checked Out
Electric rototiller 11 inches 8.5 amps
Greenworks, TL08B00
B-2005 In Maintenance
Electric lawn mower
B-2000 Available
Reel mower 18 inches
B-1946 Checked Out
Hedge shears 10 inch blade
Snap Cut
B-1942 Available
Axe 35 inches Yep
Plumb, Dreadhaught
B-1939 Available
Weed puller 7 inches
B-1937 Available
Bow saw 21 inches
Craftsman, 4906
B-1935 Available
Electric hedge trimmer 16 inches 2.4 amps
Black & Decker
B-1906 Available
Seed spreader
Scotts, Turf Builder 71133
B-1905 Available
Nut gatherer
Garden Weasel, Weasel Nut Gatherer
B-1904 Available
Shovel 40 inches
B-1901 Checked Out
Leaf mulcher and shredder 16 amps
Sun Joe, SDJ616
B-1899 Available
Electric blower and vacuum 12 Amps
Toro, Ultra Blower Vac 51619
B-1898 Available
Square point shovel
B-1897 Available
B-1896 Available
Garden rake
Gardenline, 47054
B-1895 Checked Out
Garden and lawn aerator 40 inches
Garden Weasel, Weasel Core Aerator
B-1893 Available
Axe 34 inches 3.5 pounds
Truper Steel, American Hickory
B-1892 Available
Pole saw and pruner 14 feet
Fiskars, AB 0316 PowerLevel