B-4369 Available

Includes :
2- P6100, 100MHz probes
1- PP215, 200MHz probe
1- power cord

What is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope?

A digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) is an electronic instrument that measures and records electrical signals. It converts the analog signal into a digital format and stores it in its digital memory, allowing for easy recall and analysis.

Digital storage oscilloscopes are used in a variety of applications. Biomedical engineers use them to measure electrical signals from the human body, such as heartbeats and brainwaves. Telecommunications engineers use DSOs to test cell phones and other communication devices. Aerospace engineers use them to test aircraft components, while automotive engineers use them to test vehicle electronic systems. Design engineers use DSOs to verify the performance of their designs.

* 200 MHz Bandwidth
* 1 GSa/s Real-Time Sampling Rate
* 14 MPts Waveform Memory
* 500 uV/div Sensitivity
* Maximum waveoform capture rate: 100,000 frames / second (Standard mode), 400,000 frames / sec (Sequence mode)
* Serial bus decode & trigger: standard
* Digital trigger provides low jitter
* Intensity-Graded display / Color-Temperature display mode
* Video triggering / HDTV
* Cursors * Measurement functions
* USB and LAN interfaces
* 7″ (diagonal) display
* Sequence trigger mode
* History function
* Secure erase feature

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