Circuit tester

B-4814 Available

WARNING - Can short or fry your electronics if used incorrectly. Tip has live voltage, use with caution.

Includes: Extension cable, Cigarette lighter adapter, Clip set, Case, Tester, and Manual. RETURN ALL ITEMS

- DC 0 – 70V + 1 digit- P-P 0 – 70V
Frequency response of tone pass through
- 10Hz to greater than 10 Khz
PP display
- 15Hz Square Wave- 35Hz Sine Wave
Power Probe Mode – Continuity to ground
- First level – display is enabled less than 20K- Second level – green LED is enabled less than 2K
– & + Peak Detector Response
- Single event capture less than 200μs pulse width- Repetitive events less than 1μs pulse width
Peak to Peak Mode
- 0 – 70V + 1 digit- 4Hz to over 500kHz Square Wave input- 4Hz to over 250kHz Sine Wave input Threshold for PPAC/Audible passthrough
Circuit Breaker
8 amp thermal response – Manual reset

Informational Video

Manual located in More Info
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