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B-3053 Available
Outlet tester
Pyramid, PY-3
B-2958 Available
Gas can 1 gallon Unmixed gasoline only
B-2945 Overdue
Soldering gun 100/140 watts
Weller, 8200 N
B-2911 Available
Racheting Crimper
B-2910 Available
MC3/MC4 crimper kit
Iwiss, 2546B
B-2781 Available
Voltage detector and sensor
B-2767 Available
Fish tape (50 feet) 50 feet
Ideal, 31-033
B-2754 Overdue 1 hold
Soldering iron 15 watts
RadioShack, 64-2051B
B-2661 Available
Fish tape 25 feet
Klein, 56006
B-2660 Overdue
Fish tape 25 feet
Klein, 56006
B-2647 Checked Out
Infrared thermometer
Etekcity, Laser grip 1080
B-2547 Available
Circuit tester
A-693 Available
End nippers Various sizes
B-2483 Overdue
Extension cord 25 feet
B-2466 Overdue
Extension cord 25 feet 14 gauge
B-2425 Available
Extension cord 25 feet
B-2420 Checked Out
Automatic wire stripper for wire 0.2 to 6 mm^2
Automatic Wire Stripper Type B
B-2407 Available
Extension cord 25’
B-2378 Available
VCR alignment tool kit