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B-2077 Available
Hanging Work Light
B-1981 On Hold
Honda Generator 120V / 2.5 kVA
Honda, EN2500
C-2149 On Hold
Inverter generator 800 W continuous 120v
Sportsman, GEN1000i
B-1217 On Hold
Laser level and stud finder
Black & Decker, Bullseye
B-1360 Available
LED work light
B-1358 Available
LED Work Light
A-1638 Available
Lineman Pliers 5",6 1/2"
B-1223 Available
Cen-Tech, P35017
B-2245 Available
Precision work light
A-211 Available
Short extension cord 6"-10"
A-106 Available
Side cutter
B-2086 On Hold
Stud finder
Zircon, Stud Sensor 3.0
B-2369 Available
Stud finder
Zircon, Studsensor 3
B-2378 Available
VCR alignment tool kit
B-1491 Available
Wire Crimper #16 to #24 Gauge Strand & #20 to #24 Gauge Solid
The Thomas & Betts Co., BT 110-SB
A-149 Available
Wire stripper
Pro's Kit
B-1790 Available
Work light 120V 42W
Smart Electrician
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