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B-1765 Available
Tartlet / flan tin 4.5”
A-314 Available
Tatsoi Asian Greens
Seed Savers Exchange
B-1851 Available
T-bore hole gauge 3.5"
A-330 Available
Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash
Seed Savers Exchange
B-1502 Available
Ticket Hole Punch
B-1805 Available
Tie Rod End and Pitman Arm Puller
OEMTools, 25297
B-1477 Available
Tile cutter 14"
WorkForce, THD14, 548-755
B-2027 Available
Tile cutter 14"
B-2270 Available
Tile cutter 13”
B-1838 Available
Tile cutter 17"
Walton Tool Co., SC-1
B-1581 Available
Tile float
Durall, No. 512
B-1231 Checked Out
Tile saw 7"
MK Diamond, MK-770
B-2310 Available
Tile saw
WorkForce, THD550
B-1682 Checked Out
Tile saw 7"
Skil, 3540
B-1176 Available
Tile saw 7 in
B-1584 Available
Tile trowel 3/32" x 1/16" V notch and 1/16" x 1/32" V notch
B-1578 Available
Tile trowel 1/8" x 5/32" square and 1/4" x 5/32" V notch
B-1577 Available
Tile trowel 1/4" x 3/16" V notch
B-1837 Available
Timing light
U.S. General, 40963
B-1293 Available
Tire Iron 13/16"
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