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B-1363 Available
Water filter
Katadyn, Hiker
B-1141 Available
Weed puller
B-1148 Available
Wet/Dry Vac 2 gallon 120 VAC, 4 A, 60 Hz
Craftsman, 113.177135
B-1317 Available
B-1124 Available
Wire brush 6"; 3 row by 19 row
B-1491 Available
Wire Crimper #16 to #24 Gauge Strand & #20 to #24 Gauge Solid
The Thomas & Betts Co., BT 110-SB
B-1495 Available
Wire fish
A-149 Available
Wire stripper
Pro's Kit
A-157 Available
Wire wheel brushes
B-1014 Available
Wood carving knives set
A-169 Available
Work gloves 1 pair
B-1079 Available
Workhorses Pair
B-1528 Available
Work light
B-1080 Available
Work / Saw horses Pair
B-1069 Available
Wrench 18"
B-1068 Available
Wrench Heavy duty
B-1428 Available
Wrench 10"
Tool Shop
B-1526 Available
Wrench 24"
The Ridge Tool Co.
B-1525 Available
Wrench 18"
The Ridge Tool Co.
B-1612 Available
Wrench 10"