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B-4456 Checked Out
Tripod Max. height 67"
Manfrotto, Carbon No One 441
B-4345 Available
Tripod 5 foot maximum height Standard 1/4 inch threaded mount
Focal, 20-08-43
B-4083 Overdue 2 holds
Digital camera with zoom lens
Canon, EOS Rebel T2i
B-4082 Overdue
Camera lens 55-250mm, 50mm
B-4061 Overdue 1 hold
Cell phone camera lens
B-4060 Available
Slide viewer 8 x 8 inches screen 5X, 8X, 24X magnification
The Sharper Image
B-3932 Available
MicroSD card (32 GB) 32 gigabytes
B-3931 Overdue
MicroSD card (128 GB) 128 gigabytes
B-3816 Overdue
Tripod Maximum height 59.8 Inches Standard mount
Velbon, DF 50
B-3813 Available
Digital camera with zoom lens 18-55 millimeter lens
Nikon, D3100
B-3776 Available
SD card adapter
B-3775 Overdue 1 hold
Digital camera 12x optical zoom 6.0 megapixels
Canon, PowerShot S3 IS
B-3471 Checked Out
Tripod 5 foot maximum height Standard mount
Davis & Sanford, Provista 12
B-3303 Overdue
Mat cutting kit 24 inch maximum cut
Logan Graphic Products, #525
B-3066 On Hold 1 hold
Photo scanner 8.5 x 11.7 inch scan area 6400 dpi resolution
Epson Perfection, V500 Photo
B-3020 Available
Digital camera with zoom lens 18-55 millimeters
Nikon, D3200
B-3010 Overdue
Digital light meter
Sekonic, DIGI LITE F; L-328
B-3007 Available
Photo studio shooting tent 24 x 24 x 24 inches
B-2981 Overdue
Tripod 5 foot maximum height
Manfrotto, 3055
B-2957 Available
Tablet stand Holds various sizes 2.2 pound max weight
Bontend, BS-03