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B-2601 Available
Appliance Dolly 800 pound weight capacity
B-2600 Available
Hot glue gun Mini glue sticks 170 C high, 140 C low
ArtMinds, FQ-138K
B-2599 Available
Nut drivers
B-2598 Available
Crowbar 12 inches
B-2597 Checked Out
Drop cloth
B-2596 Available
Crowbar 18 inches
B-2595 Available
Socket set 1/4 inch
B-2594 Available
Speed square 7 inches
B-2593 Available
Level 24 inches
True Value
B-2592 Available
Level 24 inches
B-2591 Available
Edger and Trencher 30" x 10" x 12.5", 13.1 pounds 12 Amps
Black and Decker, LE750
B-2590 Available
Finishing trowel 12 inch x 3 in
Marshalltown, Finishing
B-2589 Available
Notched wall trowel 3/16 inch x 5/32 inch V notch
QEP, 10115
B-2588 Available
Tile trowel 3/16 inch x 5/32 inch V notch
QEP, 49917
B-2587 Available
Notched trowel 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch square notch
QEP, 49916
B-2586 Available
Stanley, 39-030 Estimator
B-2585 Available
Pipe cutter 1/8in to 1 1/8in O.D.
B-2584 On Hold
Oscillating multi-tool 12v
Rigid, R8223400
B-2583 Available
Cut-off saw
Hitachi, cC14sf(s)
B-2582 Available
Edge banding machine
General International
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