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B-2911 Available
Racheting Crimper
B-2910 Available
MC3/MC4 crimper kit
Iwiss, 2546B
B-2909 Available
Dowel jig kit 1/4, 3/8, 5/16 inch dowels
Milescraft, 1309
B-2908 Available
Power Shear 14 Ga sheet metal 20 Ga stainless
Wen, 3650
B-2907 Available
Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimper 10 AWG - 600 MCM 11 Tons
Temco, TH0005
B-2906 Checked Out
Torque wrench 2 - 20 Nm 1/4 inch drive
B-2905 Overdue
Paint sprayer
Wagner, Control Stainer 350
B-2904 Available
Tarp 9 x 11 feet
B-2903 Available
Tarp 9 x 11 feet
B-2902 Available
Tarp 26' x 40'
B-2901 Checked Out
Torque wrench set 2 - 20 Nm 1/4 inch drive
Pro Bike Tools
B-2900 On Hold
Face shield Adjustable headband ANSI Z87
Valley, SAFEFS-001
B-2899 Available
Headlamp Adjustable headband 100 lumens
B-2898 Checked Out
Headlamp Adjustable headband 435 lumens
Coast, FL75
B-2897 Available
Level and digital angle finder 17 inches
Bosch, DWM40L
B-2896 Available
Reciprocating saw 6 amp
Chicago Electric, 65570
B-2895 Available
Extension ladder 14 feet
B-2894 Available
Dovetail template creates 1/2 or 1/4 inch dovetails
Porter Cable, 5008
B-2893 Available
Hammock 118 inches x 79 inches Supports up to 500 pounds
Etrol, Toucan
B-2892 Available
Caulk scraper