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B-2853 Available
Carbide rotary micro bit set 1/8 inch shanks
B-2852 Available
Diamond grit hole saw 1-3/8 inch
QEP, wetDRY Diamond Hole Saw
B-2851 Available
Bike multitool
Crankbrothers, m19
B-2850 Available
Brush and tool holder
Wooster, F6330
B-2849 Available
Hanging work light
Commercial Electric, 908
B-2848 Available
Laser level
Mindstorm Technologies, Laser Perfect 4
B-2847 On Hold
Drill bit set 1/16 to 1/2 inch
B-2846 Available
B-2845 Available
Coating brush 6 inches
Wooster, Masonry Coater
B-2844 Available
Beading loop tool 3.0 mm loop
Beadsmith, 1-Step Looper BIG
B-2843 Available
Laser level
Strait-Line, Laser Level 120
B-2842 Overdue
Stud finder 9 volts
Strait-Line, Accuscan Stud Finder
B-2841 Available
Distance measurer
Strait-Line, Sonic Laser Tape
B-2840 Available
Hand drill
B-2839 Checked Out
Glass tile nippers
B-2838 Available
Rubber mallet 16 ounces
B-2837 Available
Scissors 6 inches
B-2836 Available
Angle finder 6 inch
B-2835 Available
Keyhole saw 6 inch
Illinois Industrial Tool, 56170
B-2834 Available
Paint brush and roller cleaner
Warner, #269