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B-1202 Overdue
Audio interface
PreSonus, Audiobox USB
B-4140 Checked Out
B-3815 Overdue 4 holds
Bluetooth speaker 16 x 15 x 11 inches 22 watt speaker
ION Audio, Block Rocker Bluetooth
B-3804 In Maintenance 1 hold
Blu-ray 3D player
Sony, BDP-S590
B-4284 Available
Boom arm and shock mount
Rode, PSA1
B-1152 On Hold 1 hold
Camera lens 75-300 millimeters, 1:4.5-5.6
Nikon, AF Nikkor
B-1156 Available
Camera lens 28-200 millimeters
Nikon, AF Nikkor 28-200 mm
B-4061 Overdue
Cell phone camera lens kit See description
B-1618 Available
Desk-mounted microphone stand
B-3494 On Hold 1 hold
Digital camcorder
Samsung, SC-D353
B-3020 Checked Out
Digital camera with zoom lens 18-55 millimeters
Nikon, D3200
B-3813 Overdue
Digital camera with zoom lens 18-55 millimeter lens
Nikon, D3100
B-1354 Overdue 1 hold
Digital camera with zoom lens (manual focus only) 18-55 millimeters
Canon, Rebel XS EOS 1000D; Zoom EF-S 18-55mm
B-3010 Checked Out
Digital light meter
Sekonic, DIGI LITE F; L-328
B-2688 Available
External Disk Drive USB
B-1020 Checked Out
Film camera
B-2648 Available
Film to digital converter
Wolverine, F2D Titan
B-2677 Checked Out
GoPro video camera 12 megapixels
GoPro, Hero4Black
B-3808 In Maintenance
Guitar amp 8 inch speaker 15 watt solid state
Fender, Frontman 15G
B-2746 Available
Guitar amp and speaker speaker: 12 inch diameter amp: 100 watts output, speaker: 66 watts
Marshall, MG 100HFX