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B-1202 Available
Audio interface
PreSonus, Audiobox USB
B-1152 Available
Camera lens 75-300 millimeters, 1:4.5-5.6
Nikon, AF Nikkor
B-1156 Available
Camera lens 28-200 millimeters
Nikon, AF Nikkor 28-200 mm
B-1154 Available
Camera lens filter 52 millimeters
B-1155 Available
Camera lens filter 52 millimeters
Tiffen, FL-D
B-2185 Available
Camera lens filter
Quantaray, 24-166-2204
B-1618 Available
Desk-mounted microphone stand
B-1354 Checked Out
Digital camera with zoom lens 18-55 millimeters
Canon, Rebel XS EOS 1000D; Zoom EF-S 18-55mm
B-2688 Available
External Disk Drive USB
B-1020 Available
Film camera
B-1151 Available
Film camera
Nikon, N6006
B-2648 On Hold
Film to Digital Converter
Wolverine, F2D Titan
B-2677 On Hold
GoPro video camera 12 megapixels
GoPro, Hero4 Silver
B-2746 Available
Guitar amp and speaker speaker: 12 inch diameter amp: 100 watts output, speaker: 66 watts
Marshall, MG 100HFX
B-2899 Available
Headlamp Adjustable headband 100 lumens
B-2755 Available
Hot shoe to 1/4 inch adapter Hot shoe to 1/4 inch max load 3.5 pounds
B-2809 Checked Out
Inspection camera
Ridgid, micro CA-25
B-2792 Available
Instrument cable 6 feet 1/4 inch mono
B-2214 Available
LCD projector
Toshiba, TLP511
B-2218 Available
LCD projector
Epson, PowerLite 410W