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B-1012 Available
Punch and flange tool 3/16 inch punch, 7/8 inch crimp 16 gallon capacity
Central Pneumatic, 41696
B-1197 Available
Portable air compressor 12 volts
B-1485 Available
Electric air compressor 125 psi max, 120 volts
Coido Corp, 2068
B-1542 Checked Out
Air compressor 120 Vac, 60 hz, 8.5 amps 1/2 hp
Campbell Hausfeld, PowerPal MT300002
B-1698 Checked Out
Portable air compressor w/ air hose 2 gallon; 1/4 inch outlet; .51 CFM @ 40 PSI; .39 CFM @ 90 PSI 110 psi MAX
Campbell Hausfeld, FP2095
B-1707 Available
Staple and nail gun 60-120 psi
Campbell Hausfeld, SB504000
B-1721 Available
Schrader valve adapter 1/4 inch
B-1832 Available
Air ratchet 3/8 inch 90 psi MAX
Craftsman, 875.1912
B-1833 Available
Air ratchet 3/8 inch
Central Pneumatic
B-1949 Available
Portable air compressor 120 volts
Craftsman, 28/75117
B-2295 Checked Out
Air hose 300 PSI max
Green flexi
B-2387 Available
Pneumatic upholstery staple gun 1/4” - 5/8” staple length 22 gauge staples
Porter Cable, US58
B-2392 Available
Air hose
B-2394 Overdue
Air hose
B-2447 In Maintenance
Pneumatic nail gun
Porter Cable
B-2745 Overdue
Portable air compressor 18 volts
Ryobi, P737
B-2931 Checked Out
Pneumatic nail gun
Porter Cable, Bn200c
B-3013 Available
Portable air compressor 6 gallon, 150 psi 2.6 cfm @ 90 psi
Porter Cable, TM38305
B-3014 Overdue
Air hose 300 PSI max
Green fluo flexi
B-3016 In Maintenance
Pneumatic nail gun
Hitachi, NT50AE2