Punch and flange tool

B-1012 Available

  • Air-Power Joggler and Punch
  • Crimp Flange and Punch Head

  • Used for metal panel work in joining and patching applications
    • Speeds panel prep when working sheet metal - stronger butt welds, reduced grinding, faster than drilling, reduced effort to flange panels
    • Punch is used for repairs in place of factory spot welds

    • Creates 45deg flange for prepping panel edges

  • 3/16" punch for fasteners and welds .287" from edge of workpiece
  • 7/8" crimp width on flange head

  • Also marketed as a "Panel Prep Tool"

  • 1/4" - NPT(F)

  • 4 CFM consumption
  • Up to 90 psi working pressure

  • Up to 16 ga. mild steel

  • Full head rotation

***Noisy!***- May cause a nuisance when used in apartment buildings or at night -- ***PPE REMINDER*** -- Ear protection advisable esp. in confined spaces - Heavy gloves advisable when working with sheet metal --- ***Accessories*** - Make sure tool is leaving with all the needed tools and accessory hardware - Air compressor (+90psi rated) - 1/4" air hose - Vice and/or Clamps --- ***Operation*** Make sure borrower bleeds off pressure built up in tool by firing after disconnecting from hose ***Maintainance*** Ensure sharpened cutting edges and cleanliness - Check for binding, breakage, and misalignment in moving components - Inspect for loose hardware/housings - Ensure hydraulic oil is at correct levels

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