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B-4826 Available
Trenching shovel 12 inch blade
B-4807 Available
Tamper 10 x 10 inches, 45 inches length
Foxy, 10911
B-4796 On Hold 1 hold
Cultivator 50 inches long
True Temper, 331
B-4794 Available
Coal shovel 50 inches, 14 inch x 9 inch basket
Champion, Coal ash saver/ sifter
B-4792 Checked Out
Garden claw 39 inches long
Garden Claw
B-4763 Available
Tamper 10 x 10 inches, 45 inches length
Foxy, 10911
B-4726 On Hold 2 holds
Electric rototiller 10 inch width, 4 blades 12 amps
Remington Garden Wizard, 109312-01
B-4720 Overdue
Garden auger 24 inches long x 2.5 inches wide
B-4718 Available
Garden auger 16 inches long x 3.5 inches wide
B-4631 Available
Standing bulb planter 34.5 inches long
Pro Plugger, 5 in 1 planting tool
B-4630 On Hold 1 hold
Garden claw 38 inches long
Garden Weasel, Claw Pro
B-4616 Checked Out
Hand bulb planter
Ames, Hand Bulb Planter with Release Button
B-4614 Checked Out
Rotary cultivator 6 feet
Garden Weasel, la balette
B-4402 On Hold 3 holds
Electric rototiller 18 inch wide, 8 inch blades 13.5 amps, 120V, 60Hz, 400 rpm
TackLife, TGTL01A
B-4338 On Hold 1 hold
Garden and lawn aerator 36 inches
Hound Dog, Turf Hound
B-4268 Available
Shovel 42 inches
B-4262 Available
Tamper 10 x 10 inches
B-4154 Available
Folding camping shovel 16 inches
B-3951 Available
Standing bulb planter 36 inches long
B-3933 Checked Out
Shovel 54 inches