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Sewing & Fiber Arts

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A-188 Available
B-2844 Available
Beading loop tool 3.0 mm loop
Beadsmith, 1-Step Looper BIG
B-2486 Available
Bead loom 12.5 inches x 2.5 inches x 3 inches
B-3364 Overdue
Brush hand cards set 7”
B-3412 Available
Character stamping tool set 36 characters
Northern Industrial, 153650
B-2136 Available
Circular knitting needles 10 millimeters
Clover, Takumi 15
B-2163 Available
Dress form
B-3298 Available
Electric fabric scissors
B-2424 Available
Electric scissors cutting tool
E.C. Cutter
B-1750 Available
Embroidery hoop 14 inches
B-1229 Available
Eyeleting, riveting, and punching tool
American Tag Co., HomePro LR
B-1349 Available
Eyelet pliers
B-3497 Available
Fabric Cutter
B-3316 Available
Flexible measuring tape 120 inches
B-3317 Available
Flexible measuring tape 120 inches
B-1868 Available
Garment steamer 120 volts AC, 60 Hz, 1500 watts
Home Touch, PS-200
B-1047 Available
Grommet tool kit
B-2268 Available
Grommet tool kit
B-2060 Overdue
Heat press machine
B-3366 Available
Hi-lo hand spindle 3” whorl