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B-1217 Available
Laser level and stud finder
Black & Decker, BDL100S
B-1198 Checked Out
Laser level with vacuum base
Ryobi, AIRgrip MultiTASKit
A-144 Available
Steel square 12 or 24 inches
B-1120 Available
Calipers 5 inches
B-1088 Available
Dial indicator Graduation 0.001 inch, range 0-1 inch
B-1085 Available
Digital caliper 8 inches
B-1043 Available
Dial indicator magnetic base 40 kilograms
MHC, P5645
B-1026 Available
Open-reel tape measure 100 feet
A-118 Available
Measuring tape 25ft
A-117 Available
One-foot rulers 12 inches
A-108 Available
Chalk lines