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A-157 Available
Wire wheel brushes for drills Various sizes
A-306 Available
Safety razor scraper
A-698 Available
Small wire brush
B-1034 In Maintenance 1 hold
B-1035 Overdue
Push broom
B-1073 Available
Craftsman, 315.1067
B-1102 Available
Push broom 24 inches
B-1124 Available
Wire brush 6 inches; 3 row by 19 row
B-1148 In Maintenance
Wet-dry vac 2 gallon 120 VAC, 4 A, 60 Hz
Craftsman, 113.1771
B-1172 Available
Box fan
B-1173 Available
Box fan
B-1355 Available
Travel power adapter Adapter for US to UK, EU, and AU, travel 110-250 volts
B-1406 Available
Dust pan 12 inches
B-1408 Available
Dust pan 16 inches
B-1409 Available
Dust pan 25 inches
B-1412 Available
Orbital buffer 10 inches 3500 rpm 120V
B-1486 Available
Shop-vac 12 gallons 6 horsepower
Shop-Vac, 87752-93
B-1722 Available
Shop-vac 5 gallons
B-1760 Checked Out
Label maker
Dymo, Rhino 4200
B-1766 Available
Submersible pump 7 amps
Simer, Super Geyser Pump