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A-110 Available
Flathead screwdriver Large
A-111 Available
Stubby flathead screwdriver Small
A-112 Available
Medium flathead screwdriver Regular
A-113 Available
Precision screwdrivers Precision
A-114 Available
Nut drivers
A-116 Available
#2 Phillips screwdriver #2 Philips, Regular
A-120 Available
#3 Phillips screwdriver #3 Phillips, Large
A-122 Available
Multibit screwdriver
A-123 Available
Ball-end hex screwdrivers
A-191 Available
Clutch tip screwdriver 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch
A-201 Available
Small flathead screwdivers 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch
A-202 Available
Torx screwdrivers T15
A-203 Available
#1 Phillips screwdriver #1 Phillips
B-1135 Available
Basic tool kit
B-1139 Available
Square driver 3/32 inch
Stanley, 64-961
B-1140 Available
Slotted tamper-proof screwdriver
Proto, 96??
B-1208 Available
Basic tool kit
B-1288 Available
Screw-holding screwdriver
B-1329 Available
Star driver bit set
Performance Tool, W1314
B-1331 Available
Ratcheting T-driver set T-handle ratchet driver with extension bar, sockets 7/32 inch to 1/2 inch, multiple screwdriver bits