Drilling and driving kit

B-4432 Checked Out

Carrying case includes:
  • 21 Split point drill bits (135 degrees) for drilling in wood, metal, and plastic
  • 4 Hex shank bits for drilling large holes in wood
  • 5 Carbide tipped masonry drill bits for drilling in brick, block and mortar
  • 5 Brad point drill bits for drilling clean holes in wood
  • 4 Hole saws for drilling larger holes in wood
  • 1 Hole saw mandrel
  • 8 Hex shank nut setters for driving bolts and hex fasteners
  • 27 One-inch insert bits for driving in fasteners. Use with included magnetic bit holder
  • 6 Two-inch power bits to be placed directly in drill chuck for driving screws
  • 4 Drill stops to drill series of holes with the same depth
  • 1 Magnetic bit holder
  • 1 Countersink
  • 1 Center punch to mark center when drilling in metal
  • 1 Hex key
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