Multi-line 360° laser level (auto-leveling)

B-3915 Available

    • area Layout tools
    • shelf Top shelf
  • 1x horizontal line, 1x vertical line
  • Green laser
  • Electric (Battery)
  • Huepar
  • 602CG
  • More info
*Note: you must unlock the pendulum to turn ON the laser tool. Lock when finished using or transporting.

This loan comes in an black fabric padded case and includes: 
  • Huepar 602CG laser level
    • Can be used with a tripod that has a standard 1/4 inch mount.
  • Magnetic pivoting base
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Power adapter
  • Green laser target plate
  • User manual

This item was generously donated by Huepar. You can learn more about their products here.
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