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Borrowing Tools

Members must have an active CTL membership to borrow tools.

Members may have a maximum of 7 tools checked out at a time.

Tools loans are for one week. All tools borrowed are to be returned to CTL by close of business on their due date. 

Members may renew each tool once if they contact CTL prior to the due date; however, CTL reserves the right to refuse renewals based on demand.  Currently you may renew most tools 1x; thereby having it for a two week maximum.

All tools are to be returned in the same or better condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear.  All tools must be returned clean.

CTL reserves the right to refuse the loan of any item at its discretion.

Late Fees / Tool Replacement

If a tool is returned late, the Member will be responsible for late fees.  Late fees are capped at the value of the tool plus a $10 administrative fee per tool.

If a tool is 60 days late, Member is given 1 week to return/replace tools or membership is revoked.

Member is responsible for the full replacement cost, plus the $10 administrative fee, to replace severely delinquent and/or severely misused and neglected tools.  Fines must be paid in full before borrowing additional items.

CTL reserves the right to use appropriate steps to retrieve delinquent tools or unpaid fees including the use of a collection agency and/or legal action. The Member will be responsible for all associated costs of such. CTL also reserves the right to forgive fees due to special circumstances.

Tool Use

Only the Member is authorized to use CTL tools. 

CTL staff is available to explain the operation of tools. However, by borrowing an item, a Member is certifying that they are capable of using that tool safely and properly.

The Member agrees that if any borrowed tool becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, they must immediately discontinue use of the tool and notify CTL of the issue.


The Member agrees that CTL is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any borrowed tools.

Code of Conduct

The Member must abide by the terms outlined in the Chicago Tool Library Code of Conduct