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A-124 Available
A-125 Available
General hammer
A-126 Available
Small sledge hammer Small
A-127 Available
Roofing hatchet
A-128 Available
Ball peen hammer
A-130 Available
Hand shears
A-133 Available
Paint roller 9 inches
A-135 Available
Paint roller 4 inches
A-136 Available
C-clamps 1-6.5 inch throat depth
A-137 Available
Paint brushes 1.5 and 2.75 inches
A-138 Available
Paint brushes 1.5 and 2.75 inches
A-139 Available
Drill bits
A-141 Available
Plastic taping knife
A-142 Available
Sanding block
A-143 Available
A-144 Available
Steel square 24 inches, 12 inches
A-145 Available
Tube wringer 2 7/8 inches
Gill Mechanical Company
A-146 Available
Locking pliers 7 inches
A-147 Available
Grozing pliers 6 inches
A-148 Available
Running pliers 8 inches