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B-4170 Overdue
Extension cord 50 feet 14 gauge
B-4171 Checked Out
Sheet sander 1/4 sheet
DeWalt, D26441
B-4173 Available
Pruning saw 14 inches
B-4174 Available
Pruning saw 14 inches
B-4175 Checked Out
Orbital sander 5 inch sanding disc 120 volts, 60 Hz, 2.6 amps, 12,500/min
Ryobi, RS290
B-4177 Overdue
Reciprocating saw
DeWalt, DW304P
B-4178 Checked Out
1/2 inch drive ratchet and socket set 1/2 inch drive
B-4179 Available
Dust extractor accessory kit
Dewalt, DWV2759
B-4180 Checked Out
Mechanic's tool set 156 pieces (see description)
B-4181 Available
Push stick
B-4182 Checked Out
Finish sander
Ryobi, CFS1503
B-4183 Checked Out
Table saw pushblock
B-4184 Checked Out
Hammer drill 5/8 inch chuck 6 amps
Makita, HP1640
B-4185 Available
Sledge hammer 24 inches 8 pounds
True Temper
B-4186 Overdue
Corded drill 1/2 inch chuck 120 volt / 7.8 amp
DeWalt, DW235G
B-4187 On Hold 1 hold
Lawn thatching rake
True Value
B-4188 On Hold 1 hold
Hedge shears
B-4189 Checked Out
Set of marshmallow roasting sticks Up to 32 inches
Charcoal Companion
B-4190 Available
Rotary hammer SDS plus bit chuck (1-1/8") 120V, 7A, 60hz
Makita, HR2811F
B-4191 Overdue
Compact router 1/4 inch collet
Makita, RT0701C