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B-2792 Available
Instrument cable 6 feet 1/4 inch mono
B-2791 Available
Universal Shears 1.75 inch jaw
Pittsburgh, 66592
B-2790 Available
Mini rotary cutter
B-2789 Available
Paint shield 24in
Hyde, 45810
B-2788 Available
Angle finder 6 inch
B-2787 Available
Extendable paint pole 48 inch - 108 inch
Shur-Line, 784332
B-2786 In Maintenance
Micro torch 6.1” Height x 3’ width 2500 degrees
Master Appliance, MT-51
B-2785 Available
Multi-square 7 inches
Pittsburgh, SKU 1701
B-2784 Available
Corner clamp 3 inch
Olympia Tools, SKU 41594
B-2783 Checked Out
Universal Shears 1.75 inch jaw
Vigor, SH - 930
B-2782 Available
Angle Template Tool
General Tools, SKU 836
B-2781 Checked Out
Voltage detector and sensor
B-2780 Available
Depth Stop Drill Bits 12 pieces
B-2779 On Hold
Dremel rotary tool with accessory kit
Dremel, 400-4/70H
B-2778 Checked Out
Woodboring Drill Set 6 piece
B-2777 Available
Raised platform 49 cm (20 inches) tall, 100 cm (40 inches) wide, 30 cm (12 inches) deep 150 kg weight limit
Leifheit, 73300
B-2776 Checked Out
Paint shield 24in
Hyde, 45810
B-2775 Available
RJ45 Crimping Tool
Radio Shack
B-2774 Available
RJ11 RJ45 RJ12 Crimping Tool
Radio Shack