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B-1799 Checked Out
Cooler 4 x 2 x 2 feet 120 quarts
B-1798 Checked Out
Circular saw 7 1/4 inches 15 amps
B-1797 Checked Out
Bread machine
Panasonic, SD-YD150
B-1796 Available
Torque wrench 1/2 inch drive 0-150 foot pounds
Craftsman, 9-44642
B-1795 Available
Compression tester kit
B-1794 Available
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380
B-1793 Available
Grease gun
B-1790 Available
Work light 42 watts
Smart Electrician
B-1789 Available
Fish tape 50 feet
Gardner Bender, FTS-50B
A-214 In Maintenance
Paint roller covers Various sizes
A-213 Available 1 hold
Paint trays and tray liners
B-1788 Available
Toilet auger 6 feet
Ridgid, K-6
B-1787 Checked Out
Paint scraper
B-1786 Available
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380
A-212 Available 1 hold
Paint roller 7 inches
A-211 Available
Short extension cord 6-10 feet
B-1785 Available
Cut-off saw 14 inches 120 volts, 60 Hz, 15 amps, 2,800 RPM
Chicago Electric, 68104
B-1782 Checked Out
4-way equal pressure clamp
B-1780 On Hold 1 hold
B-1778 Available
Bolt cutter 24 inches