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B-1026 Available
Open Reel Tape Measure 100 ft.
B-1412 Available
Orbital Buffer 10" 3500 rpm 120V
B-1228 Checked Out
Orbital sander
Ryobi, S-45
B-1056 Available
Orbital sander 120 volt
Ryobi , RS290
B-1727 Available
Orbital sander 5” 2.6 amp
Ryobi, RS290G
B-1820 Available
Orbital sander 120 volt
DeWalt, DWE6423
B-1070 Checked Out
Orbital Sander
Bosch, ROS10
B-1496 Checked Out
Orbit sander 120V 60Hz, 2.6A, 12,500/min
Ryobi, RS290
B-1205 Checked Out
Orbit sander 5" 1.3 amp motor, 10,000 RPM
Power Glide, 60101252
B-1744 Available
Paint brush cleaner comb
A-137 Available
Paint brushes 1.5" and 2.75"
A-138 Available
Paint brushes 1.5" and 2.75"
A-212 Available
Paint roller 7"
A-133 Available
Paint roller 9"
A-135 Available
Paint roller 4"
A-214 Available
Paint roller covers Free item - no need to check out to member's account.
B-1787 Available
Paint scraper
B-1295 Available
Paint Scraper 1"
Warner, No. 800
A-186 Available
Paint Scraper
C-1059 Checked Out
Paint sprayer
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