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B-4702 Available
Center finder
B-4701 Available
Center finder
Zero Zero
B-4661 Available
Medium canvas print rack
B-4660 Available
Hot glue gun Mini glue sticks 10W
UL, EC-101
B-4635 Available
Paper trimmer 12 x 12 inches
B-4634 Available
Paper trimmer 12 x 15 inches
B-4520 Available
Hot glue gun Mini glue sticks 10W
Ad Tech, Hi Temp
B-4481 Available
Tile/glass nipper 11.5 inches
Goldblatt, Pro compound tile nippers
B-4398 Overdue 1 hold
Mini pottery wheel 5.25 x 6 x 4.5 H inches, 3.3 pounds 30 Watts of raw power, 100-240 V
Vevor, Mini pottery wheel
B-4393 Overdue 1 hold
Hot glue gun 0.43 inch diamater glue sticks 100-240 volts, 40 watts
Parker, GR-60
B-4300 Overdue
Bow foam cutter 18 x 11 inch cutting area
B-4280 Available
Rope machine
B-4257 Available
Foam cutter 5 inch max width
Hot Wire Foam Factory, Freehand router
B-4250 Checked Out
Digital cutting machine Max cut width: 11.6 inches Max cut depth: 3/16 inches (0.5 mm)
Silhouette, Cameo 2
B-4249 Available
Project plans - small chest of drawers 18 x 32 x 32 inches Intermediate level
B-4248 Available
Project plans - bookcase 12 x 36 x 44 inches Intermediate level
B-4247 Available
Project plans - desk 28 x 54 x 30 inches Intermediate level
B-4246 Available
Project plans - coffee table 25 x 40 x 20 inches
B-4220 Available
Running pliers 8 inches
B-4134 Available
Rock tumbler
Maxx explore, Rock tumbler