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B-2629 Checked Out
Drop cloth 12 feet by 8 feet
B-3663 Available
Duct cleaning brush Up to 8 feet 4 inch brush head
Everbilt, 600 221
B-3980 On Hold 1 hold
Duct cleaning brush Up to 30 feet 4 inch brush head
Smart House Inc.
B-4179 Available
Dust extractor accessory kit
Dewalt, DWV2759
B-1406 Available
Dust pan 12 inches
B-1408 Checked Out
Dust pan 16 inches
B-1409 Available
Dust pan 25 inches
B-1899 Available
Electric blower and vacuum 12 Amps
Toro, Ultra Blower Vac 51619
B-3416 Available
Engraving pen
B-4050 Available
Engraving pen
Craftsman, 4296
B-2412 Available
Extension pole 81 inches
B-2415 Available
Extension pole 4 feet to 8 feet
Merit Pro, 00337
B-2514 Overdue
Extension pole 2-4 feet
B-2515 Available
Extension pole 2-4 feet
B-2742 Available
Extension pole 6 feet
B-3031 Checked Out
Extension pole 6-18 feet
Mr. Long Arm
B-3032 Overdue
Extension pole 6-12 feet
B-3033 Available
Extension pole 94 inches
B-3035 Available
Extension pole 54 inches
B-3037 Overdue
Extension pole 2-4 feet