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B-4050 Available
Engraving pen
Craftsman, 4296
B-4030 Available
Paper trimmer 15 x 15 inches
B-4012 Checked Out
Window cleaning tool 47- 80 inches
B-4011 Overdue 2 holds
Window cleaning kit 24 feet at full extension 18 inch wide head
B-4004 Available
2-way shoe stretcher US women's shoe sizes 6.5-9
Foot Fitter, 101-001-22
B-4003 Overdue
Diamond burr set 28 pieces
B-3980 On Hold 1 hold
Duct cleaning brush Up to 30 feet 4 inch brush head
Smart House Inc.
B-3972 On Hold 10 holds
Carpet cleaner
Hoover, FH50700
B-3971 Overdue 2 holds
Vacuum cleaner
Eureka, Powerspeed
B-3938 Checked Out 2 holds
Air purifier 2 x 2 x 1 feet, weighs 40 pounds Purifies ~900 square feet
Smart Health, Blast Mini MKII
B-3921 Checked Out 6 holds
Power washer 1600 psi / 1.5 gallons per minute
AR, Blue Clean 112
B-3919 Checked Out
Shop-vac 2.5 gallon 6 amps/ 2.0 horsepower
ArmorAll, AA255
B-3865 Overdue 1 hold
Vacuum cleaner
Dyson, DC14
B-3859 In Maintenance 5 holds
Power washer (gas powered) 2200 psi / 2.0 gallons per minute
Power Stroke, PS80519
B-3850 On Hold 10 holds
Carpet and upholstery cleaner 3 amps
Bissel, SpotBot (2117A)
B-3848 Available
Travel power adapter Adapter for US to UK, EU, and AU, travel 110-250 volts
B-3839 Checked Out 9 holds
Carpet and upholstery cleaner 10 amps
Hoover, Power Scrub
B-3804 Overdue
Blu-ray 3D player
Sony, BDP-S590
B-3802 On Hold 1 hold
H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum (dry only) 15 gallon 9 amp - 115 cfm
Nikro Industries, PD15110-Advanta
B-3801 Available
Carpet fan 290-375 cubic feet per minute
Lasko, U15610