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B-2922 Checked Out
Caulk finisher Various shapes Plastic
B-2892 Available
Caulk scraper
B-2891 Checked Out
Caulk finisher Rubber
B-2880 Available
Basin wrench
B-2809 Overdue 3 holds
Inspection camera 4 foot long cable
Ridgid, micro CA-25
B-2659 Available
Large caulking gun 29 ounces (900 ml)
Dripless, CR400
B-2607 Available
4-way plug wrench
B-2606 Available
Tube brush 2”
Mill-ROSE, 61620
B-2585 Available
Pipe cutter 1/8in to 1 1/8in O.D.
B-2577 Checked Out
Tub drain wrench
Husky, 16PL0128
B-2540 Available
Pipe cutter 5/8 inch to 2 1/8inch O.D.
BrassCraft, BC T005
B-2497 Available
Caulking gun 10 oz
B-2474 Available
Die stock 1 inch
Bosch, BHDS1
B-2383 Overdue
Heat gun
B-2382 Available
Large caulking gun 29 ounce
B-2368 Overdue
Heat gun
Master Proheat, PH-1100
B-2365 Available
Water Shut-Off Curb Key 30 inches
B-2339 Overdue 2 holds
Heat gun
B-2317 Available
Caulk scraper
B-2272 Available
Heat gun