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B-1324 Available
Adjustable paint roller frame 12 inches to 20 inches
B-1341 In Maintenance
Airbrush kit
Mark 1, Professional Airbush Kit
B-1380 Available
Wall scraper 8 inches
B-1381 Available
Wall scraper 6 1/2 inches
B-1457 Available
Extension pole 2-4 feet
B-1744 Available
Paint brush cleaner comb
B-1786 Available
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380
B-1787 Available
Paint scraper
B-1794 In Maintenance
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380
B-1955 Available
Paint scraper 2 1/2 inch blade
Red Devil, 3050
B-1962 Overdue
Caulk finisher Rubber
B-2048 Available
Spray can handle
B-2052 Available
Extension pole kit 17 feet
Jimmy's, Big Reach
B-2098 Available
Paint scraper 2.5 inches
Black Handled
B-2168 Available
Heat gun
Milwaukee, 1220
B-2232 Available
Masking tape applicator
B-2240 On Hold 1 hold
Trim painting tool 3 inch
B-2248 On Hold 1 hold
Drop cloth 12 feet by 8 feet
B-2272 Checked Out
Heat gun
B-2305 Available
Paint key